Dr. Russell Marsh, Your Family Medicine Provider.

Patient + Physician - Insurance = Better Health Care

Who should book with Dr. Russell? Anyone who wants a primary doctor for their newborns, toddlers, teens, or adults that focuses on foundational health. Foundational health includes Structure, Emotions, Environment, and Nutrition.

Dr. Russell will ensure you feel fully seen and heard at your appointment.

He will be located at Health inc Wellness Center in Mt Laurel - Birmingham, Alabama.

You are now able to book with Dr. Russell. After booking, please forward any relevant medical documents before your first appointment.

Once you are established, you will be able to decide if you would like to be a membership patient, a concierge patient, or a drop-in patient. (Drop-in patient slots will be eliminated once the membership and concierge spots are filled.)

Direct Primary Care is a relationship-based model for healthcare that replaces the complexity of insurance, finances, and waiting rooms. If you are tired of being rushed through your visits and rarely seeing the same doctor, then concierge services are what you're looking for.

We will releasing concierge and membership details over the next month. Please use the chat box in the bottom right corner to stay up-to-date with these prices.